Winter Olympic Games in Sochi have Completed
24 february 2014, 15:20 1816 views
XXII Olympic Winter Games – 2014 in Sochi have been completed with the closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium "Fischt".
In 2024 an observatory for Searching for Exoplanets will be Launched into Space
21 february 2014, 14:53 1285 views
European Space Agency (ESA) plans to launch PLATO - space observatory to search for and study exoplanets in 2024, said in the statement on the agency's website.
Magnetic Storm began on Earth
20 february 2014, 11:20 1323 views
Magnetic storm of moderate strength has been noticed on earth, caused by the ejection of plasma to the Sun, and solar wind flow from the so-called coronal holes.
Evgeniy Plushenko has officially Announced the End of his Sports Career
14 february 2014, 11:48 1210 views
Evgeniy Plushenko announced that he is completing his sports career.
Criminal case for "Hijacking" a Virtual Tank was Opened in Belarus
13 february 2014, 12:31 2970 views
One of the players of the popular game World of Tanks approached the police after discovering that he could not get into his account.
Doctors Removed part of Schumacher’s Skull to Relieve Pressure on Brain
28 january 2014, 12:08 1535 views
In the Grenoble clinic, where racer Michael Schumacher lies in a coma, the famous patient underwent a surgery of removing a small part.
Coming Year will be Marked by Two Lunar and Solar Eclipses
27 december 2013, 12:12 1685 views
The coming year will be marked by a wide variety of celestial phenomena, including solar and lunar eclipses, seven comets and one asteroid.
Legendary Small Arms Designer Mikhail Kalashnikov Dies at 94
24 december 2013, 11:20 1237 views
From November 17th, Kalshnikov was in intensive care at republican clinical diagnostic center of Udmurtia.
Best Car Of The Year In Japan: for the First Time in 33 Years Foreign Brand has Been Selected
26 november 2013, 14:45 1750 views
Volkswagen Golf was awarded "Best Car of the Year in Japan", as RIA Novosti reports.
Today Children Run Slower than Parents at Their Age
22 november 2013, 15:00 3142 views
At a recent forum of the American Heart Association, scientists announced an evidence of a decline in physical development of children today compared to their parents.
Scientists have calculated the exact age at which the aging begins
30 september 2013, 09:07 1489 views
American scientists have calculated the age at which a person starts aging.
CEO Ballmer retires as Microsoft struggles to modernize
23 august 2013, 16:47 1527 views
teve Ballmer, a passionate salesman who has been a central figure at Microsoft Corp for more than three decades, unexpectedly announced his retirement as chief executive on Friday, ending a controversial 13-year reign in which the world's largest software company lost its position as the dominant force in computing.