August 5 - International Traffic Light's Day
05 august 2014, 16:43 3003 views
Today the world celebrates the international day of traffic lights. This festival is held in honor of the events that took place in 1914.
British Turtle Broke the World Record in Speed Run
14 july 2014, 10:46 1354 views
In England was beaten a world record in turtles speed run that lasted 37 year.
General Motors was Fined $35 Million for Late Withdrawal of Chevrolet Cobalt from the Market
20 may 2014, 16:46 2250 views
The company received information about 12 killed in 34 accidents which could be related to defective ignition system.
Passenger Plane Hijacked During Flight to Bali
25 april 2014, 14:29 1861 views
Passenger aircraft of the Virgin Blue company was hijacked on Friday by unidentified people on the way to Bali, reports Reuters citing Indonesian TV.
Australian Navy Ship May have found Flight Recorder of Boeing 777
08 april 2014, 10:59 1258 views
 Australian Navy ship Ocean Shield spotted new signals that may be the missing flight recorders of Malaysian airliner.
Zumanjaro - World's Tallest Drop Ride built in US Amusement Park
07 april 2014, 13:20 1756 views
With Summer rapidly approaching, adventurous vacationers are looking for that next heart-stopping thrill ride, and this year Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey may have just what they're looking for... and then some. 
Debris of Lost Airliner might be in Indian Ocean
07 april 2014, 11:20 1192 views
Media on Sunday night once again reported that fragments of a missing Malaysia Airlines plane may be in the Indian ocean.
Largest Aquarium in the World Opened in Singapore (Photo)
03 april 2014, 10:03 2099 views
The world's largest aquarium called S.E.A. Aquarium opened in Singapore. It is located on the resort island of Sentosa, becoming part of one of the largest amusement parks Resorts World Sentosa.
UN: World Faces Severe Climate Change Impacts
02 april 2014, 14:23 1000 views
The UN report says that the effects of climate change are likely to be "serious, widespread and irreversible."
Powerful Earthquake and Tsunami in Chile Claimed the Lives of Two People
02 april 2014, 13:03 1130 views
At least two people were killed and three seriously injured in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Chile, reported on Wednesday bu Reuters with reference to the Chilean authorities.
American Actress said that She Found the Missing "Boeing"
19 march 2014, 13:03 2042 views
According to the American actress Courtney Love, the plane is in the South China Sea.
First Possessor of the Artificial Heart Dies in Paris
05 march 2014, 10:14 1322 views
The world's first owner of the artificial heart, died in Paris at the age of 76, local media reported.
Strong Meteor Shower Approaching Earth
03 march 2014, 17:20 3162 views
Scientists predict that in the spring of this year will a powerful meteor showers will fall on Earth .
Oscar: Alfonso Cuaron recognized as Best Director, DiCaprio Stays without Awards
03 march 2014, 16:20 1227 views
Angelina Jolie came on stage along with 87-year-old actor Sidney Poitier, hall welcomed actors in standing ovation. They presented the winner in the nomination "Best Director" - Alfonso Cuaron.
Family of California that Discovered the Treasure Must Pay Tax at a Rate 47% of the Cost
28 february 2014, 16:04 1043 views
Family of California, found on their garden plot a treasure containing vintage gold coins must pay tax to the U.S. Treasury in the amount of 47% of the treasure value.
Bus with Schoolchildren Collided with a Truck in Thailand: 15 victims
28 february 2014, 12:34 1067 views
The number of victims of road traffic accident in the east of Thailand in Prachinburi province has reached to fifteen people.
Family from California Found Treasure worth $10 Million
26 february 2014, 10:57 1204 views
Married couple from the U.S. state of California has found a treasure of gold coins worth more than $10 million during a walk with the dog at their own possessions.
Most Powerful Outburst Occurred in The Sun
25 february 2014, 15:35 1303 views
X5-class flare occurred at 05.50AM (Tashkent) in one of the active regions on the eastern side of the Sun. It became the most powerful since March 2012, when the Sun erupted X6.3.
Winter Olympic Games in Sochi have Completed
24 february 2014, 15:20 1770 views
XXII Olympic Winter Games – 2014 in Sochi have been completed with the closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium "Fischt".
In 2024 an observatory for Searching for Exoplanets will be Launched into Space
21 february 2014, 14:53 1240 views
European Space Agency (ESA) plans to launch PLATO - space observatory to search for and study exoplanets in 2024, said in the statement on the agency's website.