The popular magazine Forbes ranked the most highly paid writers in the world
10 september 2014, 16:43 1120 views
American magazine Forbes has made ​​a rating of the most highly paid writers in the world by the end of 2013-2014. 
Malaysian Boeing broke apart back in the air
09 september 2014, 17:05 1302 views
Netherlands published a preliminary report on the Malaysian "Boeing", wrecked in Ukraine.
In Canada unknown gained jackpot of $50 million
08 september 2014, 19:51 1049 views
In the Canadian province of Ontario sold a lottery ticket with a prize of $ 50 million. This was reported by representatives of the most popular National Lottery Lotto Max. 
More than million passwords from accounts of "Yandex" caught in the net
08 september 2014, 13:41 1439 views
The Internet got the password database service of Yandex.mail, total compromised 1.2 million accounts
Breakaway meteorite from the asteroid fell in Nicaragua
08 september 2014, 10:25 1582 views
The government of Nicaragua stated that a small meteorite fell in the country not far from the capital Managua.
Came out of the coma aussie suddenly spoke in Chinese
05 september 2014, 15:37 1130 views
22-year-old resident of the Australian city of Melbourne Ben MacMahon got in a terrible car accident, which led to a coma. Waking from it, the young man could not speak a word of English, but perfectly spoke in Chinese
Toronto started the 39th International Film Festival
05 september 2014, 12:43 1067 views
39th International Film Festival in Toronto - TIFF 2014 will be opened on the evening 4 September. It will last until 14 September.
New York Apple fans got in line for the new IPhone
04 september 2014, 13:29 1111 views
However, the Corporation had not even announced the phones.
Maruti Suzuki unveiled the first official pictures of Suzuki Ciaz
04 september 2014, 12:32 1465 views
The new sedan is the serial version of the conceptual model Authentics. Presumably the presentation of the novelties will be held in October 2014 at the Paris motor show
The full members of Japan government resigned
03 september 2014, 13:45 1164 views
In the afternoon, it is expected the formation of a new Cabinet, in which the Prime Minister is planning to immediately replace eleven Ministers.
Today Mars will be closer to Earth
27 august 2014, 13:39 2475 views
The hoax that Mars will look more full moon in August almost 10 years is being distributed over the network. Allegedly, the red planet will look more than satellites, as the distance between Mars and Earth will be a little
Robot-hitch hitchbot completed its journey across Сanada
26 august 2014, 23:56 1086 views
Funny robot HitchBOT on August 23, completed its journey, during which it crossed the whole Canada, moving just by hitchhiking
Chinese OS developers challenged Microsoft, Apple and Google
26 august 2014, 14:28 1077 views
In October, Chinese programmers will present to the public a new operating system that would abolish the monopoly of Microsoft in the Chinese software market.
Calvin Harris is recognized as the highest paid Dj in the world
25 august 2014, 08:10 2518 views
On August 19 Forbes USA has published a ranking of the highest paid DJs in the world in the period from June 2013 to June 2014.
UNWTO introduces the most unpopular countries among the tourists
22 august 2014, 14:40 1480 views
A list of the most unpopular countries among tourists has been published by the researchers of the world tourism organization (UNWTO)
In London began the cleaning of the dials of the famous Big Ben
19 august 2014, 23:33 1018 views
In the centre of the British capital began operation on cleaning the clock dial, located on the tower Elizabeth II, known as Big Ben. It will last a few days depending on weather conditions
SONY introduced the most selfie-oriented smarthone Xperia C3
18 august 2014, 15:32 1195 views
Sony is the first from major smartphone manufacturers responded to a ranging trend selfie by presenting the first in the world selfie-phone Xperia C3. 
In Chile committed the biggest robbery in the history
13 august 2014, 11:21 1334 views
Local media reported that in Chile the attackers raided a car of collectors, stealing nearly 11 million dollars, 
Robin Williams found dead in his house
12 august 2014, 14:41 1188 views
Robin Williams, actor and producer, died in his house in California, USA.
Rats on a Plane Force Air India to Ground Aircraft
06 august 2014, 16:21 3338 views
Air India has been forced to ground one of its planes after crew spotted rats scurrying around the cabin, The Times of India reported on Tuesday.