The inhabitants of the Earth will see the brightest meteor rain
10 december 2014, 14:38 1531 views
Three days later, according to astronomers, the Earth expects one of the most beautiful meteor showers in the past year.
Alisher Usmanov plans to return purchased medal to the scientist who discovered DNA
10 december 2014, 10:40 1538 views
Alisher Usmanov bought the Nobel medal of a biologist James Watson, sold on December 4 at the auction Christie's. It is reported that the businessman plans to return the medal to a well-known scientist.  
Skype co-founder creates Wire - a new communications app
03 december 2014, 17:48 1268 views
Skype co-founder created Wire -  a new communications app launching today on ios, android and mac
Top 10 most popular car colors of 2014
03 december 2014, 17:31 2330 views
One of the largest suppliers of paints for various car manufacturers published a study what has become the most popular color in 2014.
Lionel Messi intends to move to Chelsea
28 november 2014, 09:21 1052 views
Lionel Messi was sensationally considering a move to Arsenal at the end of last season before Cesc Fabregas joined Chelsea.
Japan volcano eruption hits flights
27 november 2014, 14:48 2442 views
Flights in Japan were cancelled or diverted on Thursday (Nov 27) to avoid a cloud of ash and smoke spewing from Mount Aso's erupting volcano in Kumamoto.
Facebook makes a major change to its pivacy policies
27 november 2014, 13:43 1572 views
From 1 January, 2015 the social network Facebook introduces a new privacy policy that will allow the company to transfer personal data to third parties without permission of the owner of the data. Notification about changing the information policy received all users of social networks.
Brazil presents mascots for 2016 Olympics
25 november 2014, 15:31 2096 views
Bright yellow and cat-like, with a green leaf-haired brother, the mascots for the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro were launched by organizers late on Sunday.
Eldar Ryazanov hospitalized in serious condition
25 november 2014, 11:32 1333 views
A Russian film director Eldar Ryazanov was hospitalized in serious condition in the Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery.
Westminster renovation to cost $4.7 billion
24 november 2014, 13:39 1236 views
The Palace of Westminster has seen fire and floods, some stonework is badly damaged and much of the infrastructure has not been updated since the 1950s.
Facebook creates a new professional social network
19 november 2014, 13:51 1497 views
Facebook At Work: Social Media Giant is Creating New Professional Site
Tiger wanted in Paris appeared to be a wild cat
18 november 2014, 10:26 1494 views
The experts studying the situation with allegedly escaped and roamed around Paris tiger came to the conclusion that in fact it was a wild cat.
Tiger is still on the loose near Paris
14 november 2014, 14:29 1565 views
A tiger remained on the loose near Paris early Friday after firefighters and police called off the search for the night following a fruitless all-day hunt, with worried residents told to stay indoors.
By the end of the 21st century, 90% of the world's languages could have been wiped out
13 november 2014, 16:12 1430 views
Many of the world’s languages could become extinct if more is not done to protect threatened environments, scientists say.
China has launched the world's biggest online sale
12 november 2014, 14:34 1334 views
According to company Alibaba, sellers and buyers from 175 countries of the world participate in the action.
Facebook launches a button for donations
11 november 2014, 12:10 1271 views
Facebook launches a special button for donations to fight against Ebola.  
Barcelona striker Lionel Messi repeated the record for goals scored in the history of the Champions League
07 november 2014, 18:23 1135 views
Lionel Messi made the best statement possible in reply to Real Madrid's signing of Gareth Bale with a stunning first-half hat-trick against Valencia.
The world's most powerful x-ray source will begin work this year
07 november 2014, 15:46 1382 views
The brightest synchrotron light source in the world has delivered its first x-ray beams. 
Forbes published a list of the most influential people in the world
06 november 2014, 13:39 2157 views
There are 7.2 billion people on a planet and only 72 of them rule of the world. American Forbes published its latest ranking of the most influential people in the world.
Conchita Wurst sang for Ban Ki-moon in Vienna
05 november 2014, 09:45 2036 views
Winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2014, the Austrian singer Thomas Neuwirth, known as Conchita Wurst, had a concert ​​in Vienna's UN office.