Usmanov has become the most generous philanthropist Russian businessman
30 april 2015, 09:19 2206 views
Alisher Usmanov included in the list of the largest philanthropists The Sunday Times, and took eighth place there.
Germanwings Pilot Was Locked Out of Cockpit Before Crash in France
26 march 2015, 14:00 2610 views
As officials struggled Wednesday to explain why a jet with 150 people on board crashed amid a relatively clear sky, an investigator said evidence from a cockpit voice recorder indicated one pilot left the cockpit before the plane’s descent and was unable to get back in.
Facebook explained for which posts users can be banned
17 march 2015, 09:29 2377 views
Facebook has updated its standards to allow users to better understand what types of posts are not allowed.
Apple presented a new hyperfine Macbook
10 march 2015, 12:09 2139 views
A new MacBook has presented Apple in San Francisco 
Facebook launches suicide prevention service
03 march 2015, 09:31 1982 views
On February 28 the company launched on the Facebook a new service designed to prevent suicides.
Samsung has introduced a new flagship smartphone Galaxy 6
02 march 2015, 16:16 2350 views
The president of Samsung JK Shin introduced a new flagship smartphone Galaxy 6 at the presentation in 
Riddle with flowers female dress put into stupor internet users around the world
27 february 2015, 17:02 2837 views
Internet is buzzing and wonders about the color of women's dresses whose photo posted on Thursday, one of the user's network, asking, "What color is this dress?".
Google launches youtube for children
26 february 2015, 15:50 1835 views
Unlike the main YouTube, a children's version of video sharing social network is no ad banners, but there are pre-roll, advertising video channels for children.
T-Mobile published images of mobile Samsung galaxy s6
26 february 2015, 12:50 1863 views
Director of T-Mobile John Leger published photos of the forthcoming smartphone Galaxy S6 from Samsung.
New €20 banknote presented
26 february 2015, 10:55 1946 views
The ECB’s President Mario Draghi unveiled the new €20 banknote at the ECB’s headquarters in Frankfurt and announced that it would enter into circulation on 25 November 2015.
Apple system was deemed the worst safety
24 february 2015, 09:30 1399 views
GFI announced the results of its study on evaluating the reliability of operating systems from different manufacturers.
Subscription to YouTube will be paid
20 february 2015, 16:01 1837 views
Google is preparing to launch a paid subscription model on YouTube.
New Year in Chinese calendar came
20 february 2015, 13:05 2104 views
On February 19 around the world noted the Chinese New Year.
Amazon launches section with Russian literature
20 february 2015, 09:25 1929 views
In the world's largest online store Amazon there is a new section with books in Russian.
New Alien film in the works at 20th Century Fox
19 february 2015, 12:34 1312 views
The American film studio 20th Century Fox agreed with director Neil Blomkamp about shooting another film in the series "Alien".
Radioactive water was a leak in the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1"
19 february 2015, 09:28 1476 views
In salvage of Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" was leaked radioactive water.
Experts have found out where in the world live most billionaires
18 february 2015, 12:32 1506 views
Over the past year the number of billionaires in the world grew by 7% to a record of 2 325 people, experts found out that the research business portal Wealth-X.
Ferrari presents bolid of future for Formula 1
18 february 2015, 11:00 3046 views
Team of "Ferrari" has published a possible concept car, which in the future will act in the "Formula 1".
In Norway a person can go to jail for homeless help
09 february 2015, 09:33 1561 views
The Norwegian Government has proposed to introduce a national ban on begging, to be distributed, also, including those who provide assistance to the homeless.
Swedish company implants microchips in its staff
04 february 2015, 17:53 1521 views
A Swedish company has implanted microchips in its staff which allows them to use the photocopier, open security doors and even pay for their lunch.