UNWTO introduces the most unpopular countries among the tourists
22 august 2014, 14:40 1477 views



According to report by UNWTO heading to South America holidaymakers less likely to choose Guyana and Central America, demand is not Belize. In the upper part of the Western hemisphere's most unloved countries are Canada, United States, and Mexico.

Tourists visiting Europe, ignored Iceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova and San Marino.

Least favorite vacation country of the African continent is Sierra Leone. Heading to Asia, travelers in 2013 bypassed Bhutan and Mongolia. Among those who reached Oceania, few visited is Tuvalu.

Earlier in August, the world tourism organization published a report with data for 2013 on the most visited countries. The rating was headed by France, in the second place - USA, bronze went to Spain,

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