Top 10 most popular car colors of 2014
03 december 2014, 17:31 2301 views


Studies have shown that color is one of the top three factors that influence car buyers when they are making a purchasing decision. In fact, in a recent PPG online study, approximately 48 percent of those polled stated that they choose products based on their color.

Typically, cars are available in a combination of approximately eight to ten colors, but the most popular colors are always white, black, gray and silver. White is highly popular because it does not show dirt as much as other colors, like black or red.
White has traditionally been a popular car color, and its popularity has increased for the past three years in a row. Up until 2011, silver was the most popular car color for over a decade partly due it being the color of cutting-edge technology, but white has managed to pass silver as the leading color choice. In fact, according to PPG Industries, one in four new vehicles sold are white. In addition, in North America, 21 percent of vehicles we find on streets are white, while 19 percent are black, 17 percent gray and 15 percent silver. Also, while white is the most popular vehicle color choice in North America, Europe and Asia, silver continues to be the preferred choice in South America.
Some types of vehicles are more popular in certain colors. For example, red is a popular color for sports cars while brown is a popular color for pick-up trucks. Hybrid vehicles come in blue and green hues, and minivans triumph in gold and beige. Gender also plays a role in color selection.