Today Children Run Slower than Parents at Their Age
22 november 2013, 15:00 3143 views














Australian experts have announced that children today are significantly behind their parents. In particular, they run slower than the previous generation at their age, reports

Under the leadership of Grant Tomkinson, representing the University of South Australia, experts have analyzed 50 different studies in which data on endurance of children during jogging were analyzed. These researches were conducted over fifty years. In total, they have covered more than twenty-five million children and adolescents from thirty countries. Scientists were interested in the performance of the heart and athletic performance.

It turned out that in the last fifty years endurance of children fell sharply. Unfortunately, it continues to decline further each year by about 5 percent. Thus, today's children run one and a half kilometer for one and a half minutes longer than their predecessors. The only exception was Japan, where fast food and other "gastronomic excesses" are not common and the physical education of children is on the prior level.