The wreck of the Air Asia airline passenger aircraft found
29 december 2014, 10:03 1981 views


Two versions of the causes of the tragedy considered: bad weather or lack of fuel.

The head of National Transportation Safety Committee Tatang Kurnadi Indonesia argues that the plane left without fuel: "The aircraft was declared endangered, because the calculated fuel was already to end." The reason for which the aircraft flew with insufficient fuel Kurnadi did not call, UzReport transmits.

On Sunday morning the plane, flying QZ8501 from Indonesia (Surabaya) in Singapore, disappeared from radar screens. Last time the pilot requests from the dispatcher to the itinerary at 06:17 by local time (3:17 Tashkent time).

155 passengers and seven crew members were on board of the Airbus A320 aircraft. Among those on board - 156 Indonesians, three citizens of South Korea, one citizen of Malaysia, one - Singapore and one French citizen.

AirAsia is one of the largest low-cost carrier in South-East Asia, airline flights link together almost all the countries in the region.