The woman driver repeated James Bond's trick
02 october 2014, 17:58 1268 views


Machine 47-year-old of indigenous Mary Skracic (Maria Skracic) "jumped" through the raised bridge. Car enthusiast, who was traveling with his daughter, the undergrowth, hurried into the shop.

The authors of the video was edited account of the incident with footage from "the Man with the Golden gun (The Man With the Golden Gun), one of the James Bond movies, to show the similarity between committed by the Croatian traffic violations and centracom.

After the car landed, worked all airbags. However, Skracic continued on his way, and then parked at the cafe. There she was detained by police, also watching the "trick".

Skracic was fined 30 euros for dangerous driving, the car had to go to the car wash. Did she and her baby any injury, not specified.