The popular magazine Forbes ranked the most highly paid writers in the world
10 september 2014, 16:43 1120 views


The list was headed by the author of thrillers and detective American James Patterson, who in the last 12 months, earned $ 90 million. His revenues for the last ten years, reaches $ 700 million. Patterson is known for a series of novels about Inspector Alex Cross, the detective Michael Bennett, as well as novels under the "Female club investigations into the murders. "

In second place - Dan Brown. For the year, he earned $ 28 million. Due to sales of the last book, "Inferno", which in the United States was sold in 1.4 million copies, Brown could fetch $ 6 million more than the year before.

Top 3 closed the author of detective novels and love Nora Roberts. From June of 2013 to June 2014, she managed to earn $ 23 million.

The five most highly paid writers included Danielle Steel ($ 22 million) and Janet I. ($ 20 million). Behind them there is a children's author Jeff Kinney ($ 17 million), 26-year-old Veronica Roth ($ 17 million), the author of the so-called "legal thriller" by John Grisham ($ 17 million) and "King of Horror" by Stephen King ($ 17 million).

Also in the top-paid writers entered the creator of "Harry Potter" JK Rowling and the author of the most acclaimed novel "50 shades of gray" - EL James.