The original human stem cells got for the first time by British scientists
17 september 2014, 20:25 1256 views


Previously, such cells were detected in mice and rats, but never in humans.

To create them in the laboratory, researchers have provided human embryonic stem cells extra copies of genes Nanog and Klf2, which allowed them to start the process of transformation in the earlier naive pluripotent state.

In a press release of the University of British conclude that their findings also prove the existence of the natural human embryos predecessors’ pluripotent stem cells.

Now researchers open up vast prospects. The study of human source of stem cells can help to learn more about embryonic development, in particular to understand the causes of miscarriage and violation of its development. In addition, the new cells can become really strong basis for the development of regenerative medicine and cell therapy.
Despite this success, the authors encourage other teams of scientists as soon as possible to repeat the study to avoid any doubts in reliability is so important for medicine results.

Recall: stem cells are valuable for science that can develop into any cell type. This property enables them to be used to repair damaged organs and tissues and even create them from scratch.