The full members of Japan government resigned
03 september 2014, 13:45 1164 views


The government of Japan as a whole has resigned at the request of Prime Minister Sindzo Abe. He personally collected the relevant statements from the Ministers at an emergency meeting of the Cabinet.

The going of the government to resignation - the usual formal procedure required for the implementation of changes in the Cabinet of Ministers.
Who resigned the government will formally to perform their duties until the second half of the day. Then it is expected the formation of a new Cabinet, in which the Prime Minister is planning to immediately replace eleven Ministers. Among them, in particular, are the heads of military, legal and economic departments. It is expected that the updated composition of the government will consist of at least five women. This is a personal initiative Sindzo Abe, aimed at strengthening the role of women in political and economic life of the country.

Combined their powers to the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan became the "long-lived" for the entire post-war history of the country. Since its formation on December 2012 and until today the government has not been made any changes to the situation, very unusual for Japan.