The first selfie in the world was sold at auction for 70 thousand pounds (almost 114 thousand dollars).
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A self-portrait of the photographer was discovered by a Swedish artist in the old album, covered with skin. It was kept for 70 images, for which technology was used albumen print. The owner of the album sent it to the British auction house Morphets. Experts at first found it difficult to assess this rarity.

The representative of the auction house Liz Pepper Darling said: "the Seller has brought us to this album and offered to appoint a starting price of GBP 100. But we realized that it was quite valuable scrapbook that early pictures taken, when this art was still in its infancy". In the end, it was estimated at 10 thousand pounds.

In addition to portrait of Reylander in the album showed pictures of his wife and the portrait of the son of the famous poet Alfred Tennyson. It should be noted that Reylander started out as a portrait painter, and then painting switched to photography. One of the most famous of his works - "Two ways of life". This photo was taken on the basis of 32 negatives and at one time caused a scandal because she was naked models. Known to Reylander came after the British Queen Victoria bought him a copy of the portrait of Prince Albert.

The album, which ended up in the auction house, Reylander sold naval hydrographer to captain George Browning. Then he was handed over to the family of his last owner. It is believed that this album is the first work of Reylandera that has ever been exhibited for sale.