SONY introduced the most selfie-oriented smarthone Xperia C3
18 august 2014, 15:32 1216 views
Sony engineers "sharpened" the phone to execute selfie images. So, it is enough to knock your finger twice on the cover of the camera to take a picture. Knock on the cover three times - and here you've already shared yourself with your friends.
It is worth mentioning the special features of the front camera Xperia C3. These include AR-effects, frameset and Portrait Retouch. All these features allow you to create the ideal selfie. A small bonus – a perfect camera for high-quality video calls. 
We can assume, with given additional "sharpening" under the self-portrait shooting, the price of the phone is sensitive, if we compare to the prices of the phones from competitors with similar "filling" without such a strong front camera.
In a free market the phone will be available very soon, and then we shall be able to see how popular is the selfie.