Scientists identified the top 5 influential languages of the world
18 december 2014, 15:44 1297 views


In their research, scientists have relied on three types of data: data on more than 2 million transferred in the last 30 years of books, information on Wikipedia editors constituting articles in several languages, and data on the tweets for a certain period of time Twitter-account of an available for multiple languages writes

As a result, experts have received the card of the influence of languages in which the hierarchical structure can be traced. According to this map, the most communicative language today - it's English. Followed by languages, the meaning of which is also the world's great: German, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

Interesting observations are presented in relation to Chinese and Arabic, and Hindi. Despite the large number of people who speak these languages, however, for its cultural significance they are still inferior to European languages. The fact that, for example, Chinese and Arabic translation of a small number of books and articles. At the same time, English, Russian and Spanish languages are used as proxies for the hundreds of small languages.