Scientists have calculated the exact age at which the aging begins
30 september 2013, 09:07 1489 views

altRegardless of gender, lifestyle or weight of a person begins to age after 39 years. It is believed that this is the age that half of the course of life, followed by a gradual fading of cognitive functions and disorders of the musculoskeletal functions.

Scientists stipulate their findings that in 39 years in a human body production of myelin decreases. The myelin sheath covers the nerve cells of neurons, protecting them from harmful influences. Stopping of production of myelin causes a weakening of motor and cognitive functions. It is also known that the defeat of the myelin sheath leads to such terrible diseases as multiple sclerosis.
In the research of scientists volunteers aged 23-80 years were involved, according to Subjects performed certain movements, and scientists compared the rates of these exercises, as well as the amount of myelin in the bodies of volunteers.
As a result, they have identified a pattern. It was found that the peak production of myelin and human activity occurs at the age of 39 years. After the transition of the age the process of discontinuing production of myelin starts in the body, and the person begins to age