Robot-hitch hitchbot completed its journey across Сanada
26 august 2014, 23:56 1124 views


This journey began on July 27 of this year at the end of the route Trans-Canada Highway in the city of Halifax on the Atlantic coast. And, moving hitch, robot HitchBOT drove across Canada from East to West, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, having covered a total distance 6228 kilometers.

The purpose of this social experiment with hitchhiking was searching for an answer to the question "Can people be trusted robots and whether the robot to trust people enough to get them in the car?".

In order to draw people's attention to the robot HitchBOT, its creators have tried to make it more fun and friendly. The design of a robot made of various materials, among which the bucket, transparent cover, garden hoses, rubber boots, garden gloves, etc. the Only moving part of the robot design is his right hand, which is capable of only one characteristic of the hitch movement.

The robot has a serious enough information system, equipped with technology of speech recognition and speech synthesis, by which he is able to communicate with people on different topics, using the data comes from the world encyclopedia Wikipedia.

"Our robot has returned from a trip pretty shabby. Most of all he now resembles a Bulletin Board, because almost all the people who were brought up, did not fail to let his autograph," says David Smith.