New Alien film in the works at 20th Century Fox
19 february 2015, 12:34 1345 views


The name of the new film, as well as the release date is not yet known in the rental. However, it is noted that it will not have to do with the continuation of "Prometheus", which is now working on director Ridley Scott (tape was originally conceived as a prequel to "Alien").

In recent months, Blomkamp hinted at his involvement in the creation of a new "Alien", he even said that in the film will take part Sigourney Weaver (actress became famous precisely because of the role in a fantastic action movie "Alien", published in 1979), but later stated that is unlikely to happen to reboot the franchise.

According to, on Thursday, February 19 through his Instagram he finally confirmed his participation in the project, laying out drawing Alien.