Last in the world male of northern white rhino dead
17 december 2014, 14:44 1246 views


As zoo officials say, the death was due to natural causes. In recent days Angalifu felt bad and refused to eat.

In the San Diego Zoo Safari Park female of northern white rhino named Nola continues to dwell. All attempts to zoologists to continue their race have not been successful - mammals were unable to breed in captivity. Angalifu lived in the US since the end of the nursery 1980s. Prior to that, he was at the zoo Khartoum - the capital of Sudan.

After the death of Angalifu in the world there were only five northern white rhinos, and all of them female. However, the chances of procreation remain. Uzbekistan Today notes that the staff of the Institute of San Diego Environmental Research stored seed of Angalifu.

The northern white rhino is the second largest land animals after elephants. In the middle of the XX century the population of this species exceeded two thousand individuals. Less than 20 years left 15 animals, and by 2008 - 8, all of them lived in zoos.

By the extinction of this subspecies poachers are involved in. It is believed that the northern white rhino horn has healing properties, it dearly prized on the black market.