In Norway a person can go to jail for homeless help
09 february 2015, 09:33 1561 views


Under the bill, begging person and the homeless will be punished by imprisonment from six months to one year. According to the Ministry of Justice of Norway, the document is aimed at curbing the activities of organizations that make beggars.

In Oslo City said that for discussion and revision of the bill allocated insufficient amount of time. The city authorities have stressed that this could lead to the fact that the law will affect the work of volunteers who work with the homeless, reports

In the US state of Florida 90-year-old war veteran convicted of feeding the homeless in November 2014. The city of Fort Lauderdale in September 2014 a law was passed, under which canteens for homeless people cannot be located closer than 150 meters from each other. In this case, philanthropists must obtain permission from the property owners to feed.