In Chile committed the biggest robbery in the history
13 august 2014, 11:21 1329 views
On Tuesday 12 August, unidentified assailants committed the largest robbery in the history of Chile. Criminals attacked on the collector box in the airport of the capital of Santiago, stealing bags with the amount of 4 to 6 billion pesos ($ 10.7 million).
Stolen money was intended to be sent to the north of the country by plane. The attack took place just prior to loading values. Armed robbers forced the employees of airport to let them into the cargo terminal. Neither the van security nor airport officials offered no resistance; no one in the incident was injured.
A similar robbery at the same location made eight years ago, in April 2006. Then the prey intruders were about $ 2.1 million, but all bandits were arrested and sent to prison.