Host of Channel One made a mistake in the name of the President of Uzbekistan
10 december 2014, 15:37 1334 views


So, the name of our President "Karimov" has become a "Kerimov" and was pronounced the same way during the newscast devoted to the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Uzbekistan on an official visit. Mistake was also made on the website of an authoritative channel, which was posted news.

This is not the first mistake made by Russian TV hosts towards to Uzbekistan. During the broadcast of the Winter Olympic Games held this year in Sochi from 7 to 23 February, sports commentator of the channel Russia-2 Dmitry Guberniev called national team of Uzbekistan as team of Tajikistan.

A blooper caused a large number of negative comments in Uznet and even a petition demanding an official apology from Guberniev appeared online on The next day the commentator apologized and wished Uzbek athletes successful performance.