Forbes named Alisher Usmanov as the businessman of the year
23 december 2014, 10:30 3085 views


Alisher Usmanov, almost unanimously, was named Entrepreneur of the Year - although close to the top of the power pyramid, he was able, on the one hand, to stay in the shade and did not fall under Western sanctions, and on the other - to wait for a return on investment in shares of the eastern (Chinese) companies .

Even distributing 12% of personal stake in 60% USM Holding to his managers, Alisher Usmanov, apparently, retains primacy among the 200 richest businessmen in Russia. In 2014 he resigned as head of "Gazprom investholding", got rid of the shares of American giants Apple and Facebook and increased package of Alibaba - Chinese analogue of Amazon. The share of Chinese companies in the investment portfolio Usmanov on the Internet has grown to 70-80%.

To date, the state of Alisher Usmanov is estimated at 18.6 billion dollars, according to