Family of California that Discovered the Treasure Must Pay Tax at a Rate 47% of the Cost
28 february 2014, 16:04 1043 views


On Thursday, about this reported local media. 
It is now known that the treasure was found in February 2013, which means that the amount must be paid no later than April 15 to avoid penalties.
According to Professor of Law, University of California, Leo Martinez, the total tax rate, taking into account federal, city and state fees will be about 47%. According to him, the couple can try to challenge such a high rate in court. One of the options - attempt to prove that the treasures were part of the transaction when they were buying property and adjacent lands, where they found the coins, and, accordingly, taxes have already been paid.
However, experts believe that it will be extremely difficult to prove this. In addition, if a couple wants to remain anonymous, then it is easier to pay the entire amount due to the state, experts say.
As previously reported, the American family from California taking a walk with a dog in a garden near their house, in the shadow of the large tree found buried cans filled to the top with gold coins.