Facebook launches suicide prevention service
03 march 2015, 09:31 1883 views


In social network «Facebook» planned to include a function that is designed to prevent suicide among its users. Specialists of the Internet community held consultations on this matter with members of the various organizations that help people who are prone to commit suicide, to deal with this psychological condition.

With the new service users will be notified of the alarm positions of his friends. If the service determines that a cause for concern does exist, then the person will be sent the following message: "Hello! Your friend has decided that you need help and asked us to look at your last post.

If the author indeed have a disturbing post any problems, he can communicate with the psychologist and tell him about his thoughts, says svopi.ru.

This thought came to mind for many users of social networks. People believe that if the new service will be able to save the life of even one person, then created it not in vain.

First, the service will start in the US in the next few months. When it will be available in other countries not yet reported.