Facebook explained for which posts users can be banned
17 march 2015, 09:29 2379 views


Facebook has currently 1.39 billion active users who publish or attempt to publish posts about everything that you can imagine.

In this regard, the company has updated its Facebook "acquis communautaire" - rules that explain what cannot be published in the social network.

Violation of community social networks is considered an attempt to impersonate another person and the creation of multiple accounts.

The updated rules, for example, be advised that Facebook is not only banned terrorist organization, but also the support and praise of such groups. Also banned everything that incites suicide. In addition, clarified the rules relating to the publication of explicit images.

The administration of social networks also removes insulting people on the basis of racial or ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability or illness.

Facebook still has no plans to automatically find and remove potentially offensive content: in this respect the company intends to rely on users.