Experts have found out where in the world live most billionaires
18 february 2015, 12:32 1502 views


A quarter of all billionaires live in the US, according to the study. As for the cities of the world, the most richest people live in New York City (103 billionaires). It is interesting that in the world's financial capital should be Moscow (85 billionaires). In third place is Hong Kong (82 billionaires).

According to experts, nearly 90% of billionaires male self-made state fully or partially. Among women who are on the list of all 286, more than 65% received their state as an inheritance, says

Portal sketched portrait of the average billionaire: he is about 63 years old, his condition is approximately equal to $ 3 billion and the first billion was earned by fifty years. 90% billionaires married and have an average of two children.

According to Wealth-X, 35% of billionaires have completed higher education. Among those who have, most - graduates of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Yale, the University of Mumbai and Moscow State University.

Experts have found that just over a third of billionaires base foundations and one of the thirty-owned sports team or horse racing suits.