Doctors Removed part of Schumacher’s Skull to Relieve Pressure on Brain
28 january 2014, 12:08 1535 views


The athlete got injured on December 29, 2013 on the French Alps and since then has been in a critical condition. With the surgery of removing a part of the skull the doctors tried to relieve pressure of damaged tissues on the brain, reports the newspaper Evrosmi.
German edition «Bild» reports that doctors at Grenoble hospital after two previous operations and today’s interventions are still afraid of "unexpected complications". The doctors are not excluding the danger of cerebral hemorrhage and acute infection.
Earlier this week it was reported that his doctors began studying the brain of sevenfold champion of "Formula 1" to identify damaged and untouched areas of inflammation. The study of the functioning of the brain, according to a source journalists, can take from several weeks to months.
His wife, Corinne and his son and daughter are constantly in the hospital of Grenoble. However, doctors are not giving encouraging forecasts. The status of the legendary racing driver remains critical. 
Photograph: François Lenoir/Reuters