Coming Year will be Marked by Two Lunar and Solar Eclipses
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In 2014, the inhabitants of the earth will be able to watch two lunar and two solar eclipses, according to the predictions of Novosibirsk astronomers. The first lunar eclipse will occur on April 15, but it can be observed only in North and South America, and also in Antarctica.

On April 29 the residents of Indonesia, Australia and Eastern Siberia can admire an annular eclipse of the sun.

On October 8 full lunar eclipse will occur. A sunny eclipse will be on October 23. It can be seen in the east of Russia, North America and in the north of the Pacific Ocean.
In addition, On April 9 the Earth will be as close as possible to Mars, and therefore it can be seen with the naked eye. Moreover, in the first six months of next year Saturn, Venus and Jupiter will approach the Earth. In the autumn period Uranus and Neptune, which are remote from us, will be clearly visible.
As for comets, one of the most spectacular events in the life of the solar system would be the collapse of the comet C/2013 A1, recently discovered by astronomers. This celestial body with a diameter of 50 km will crash into the surface of Mars.
As scientists expect, a huge comet, rushing at a speed of 56 kilometers per second, can intersect with Mars. In the event of their collision the explosion force would be monstrous - 20 billion megatons.