Chronology of events of terrorist attack in Peshawar
17 december 2014, 15:42 1990 views


In the morning of 16 December, a group of Taliban, disguised as soldiers, armed with machine guns and grenades and suicide belts, seized the school building, in which at the time there were more than 500 people, mainly children.

To the school Taliban arrived on motorcycles and immediately opened fire on the guards. Then - the quick capture of the building and blocking all exits. The police arrived at the scene quickly, the decision to storm also brought promptly. But so many of the victims during the rescue operation, they hardly expected.

During the shooting, all the attackers were killed, while more than 130 people were killed, another 122 people injured. Most of the victims are children under the age of 12 to 16 years.

Responsibility for the incident has taken the most lethal terrorist movement "Taliban". According to them, the seizure of the school has become a place for the actions of the Pakistani and US military who daily kill Taliban and civilians using drone.

Attacked school is a specialized educational institution for children of Pakistani military. The school is under the control of army personnel and is located on the outskirts of Peshawar military zone. Nevertheless, among the students as many children of civilians.

All educational institutions in Pakistan are taken under heavy guard. At the same time all health facilities in Peshawar converted into emergency mode operation. Among the residents of the city urgent blood collection for children who continue to deal with injuries was declared.

In connection with the tragedy in the country three days of mourning declared.

Terrorist attack in Peshawar is the largest in the history of Pakistan since 2007, when as a result of the attack on the motorcade of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto 139 killed and 250 people injured. It is also second in the number of victims of the school in the history of the world, after the Beslan school siege, in the assault of which 344 people killed.