Breakaway meteorite from the asteroid fell in Nicaragua
08 september 2014, 10:25 1582 views


According to authorities, a meteorite fell in the forest belt near the capital's airport and air force base in the country. The representative of the government of Nicaragua Rosario through Murillo (Rosario Murillo said that the special Commission confirmed the fact of the fall of the "relatively small" meteorite, which broke away from the asteroid passing near Earth." The through Murillo also added that the authorities will ask international experts to assist local scientists in the investigation of the incident.

It is reported that the meteorite left a crater with a radius of 12 meters and a depth of about five meters. Local residents said that on Sunday night heard a loud popping sound, but did not see flashes of light, as usually happens when a meteorite hits.

"I was sitting on the porch and saw nothing, when suddenly I heard a loud explosion. We thought it was a bomb, because he felt a blast wave", - told the Agency one of the local residents.

Scientists are going to investigate the area of a meteorite in order to understand whether his pieces. Scientists are asking local residents to provide pictures or videos of the fall of the meteorite, reports the associated Press.