Best Car Of The Year In Japan: for the First Time in 33 Years Foreign Brand has Been Selected
26 november 2013, 14:45 1719 views















One of the most popular models of the leading German automaker Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen Golf has been the first since 1980 

foreign brand of car, which was awarded the "Best Car of the Year in Japan".

According to a press release, promulgated on the contest website, the second place was given to the car Honda Fit. The third and fourth places were taken by Volvo V40 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, respectively.

Announcement of the winner was held at the 43rd International Tokyo Motor Show, which was opened on Saturday for everyone in the Japanese capital.

The award "Best Car of the Year in Japan" has been awarded since 1980, but to date this title was received by the cars made in Japan. "The best car in Japan" in 2012 was Mazda CX- 5.