Apple system was deemed the worst safety
24 february 2015, 09:30 1400 views


Last year, the daily reported an average of nineteen OS vulnerabilities, according to statistics from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD).

During the year 7,038 new vulnerabilities of data were contained into its database. Recall that Windows for many years was considered as unstable and vulnerable platform, but at the end of last year, a title earned just two software products Apple - mobile system iOS and desktop OS X.

According to, on the system OS X in 2014 discovered 147 new vulnerabilities, 64 of them classified as critical in terms of security. In iOS vulnerabilities have been discovered 127 – 32 from them are the most important.

Closes the three most unreliable systems operating system kernel Linux (119 and 24 vulnerabilities, respectively).

All these data indicate that the OS X operating system, and are no longer iOS security standards. Perhaps that is why on iOS 9 , Apple decided not to focus on increasing functionality, but to refine and optimize the system as a whole.