Apple is enabled by default "Button of Death" for IOS 8
16 october 2014, 15:21 1680 views


"Button of death" - is an automatic remote locking all data in case of loss or theft gadget Apple. Thus the American company has decided to rehabilitate after the failure with unfinished operating system and a flexible smartphone.

If your gadget is stolen, you can use a "button of death" his master will be able to immediately block the operating system, as well as simply erase all data from the device. With the loss of the iPhone screen is locked with a password. It is also possible to enter the phone number to which the finder can contact the owner of the smartphone. Embedded chip will track the location of the device, so that you can find.

Also, Apple has released an application that allows you to check when buying a gadget is activated if "button of death" on a particular device. Owners of models of iPhone 4 and 4S, promised the corporation will also be able to activate this feature for its smartphones.

These measures, according to experts Apple, will significantly reduce theft statistics iPhone and iPad.