American Actress said that She Found the Missing "Boeing"
19 march 2014, 13:03 2044 views















The widow of Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain - Courtney Love on her Facebook page said that she knows the location of the missing aircraft "Boeing 777", which belonged to the "Malaysian Airlines".

Love made ​​her discovery after she saw a picture on the Internet of searching area of the aircraft.

"I'm no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick. Prayers go out to the families #MH370 and its like a mile away Pulau Perak, where they "last" tracked it 5°39'08.5"N 98°50'38.0"E but what do I know?"

The post has caused a stir among Facebook users, at the moment it has collected more than 13,000 "likes" and more than three thousand comments.