NFC Technology to be Introduced in Uzbekistan
01 july 2014, 16:03 1934 views
A French delegation arrived in Tashkent on June 30 on a business trip which will last until July 4. The purpose of the visit is to discuss the organization and implementation of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in Uzbekistan.
Eco-Electron Accelerator Installed on the Base of Nuclear Physics Institute
01 july 2014, 15:10 1713 views
In the Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan was put into operation electron accelerator "Elektronika U-003."
Submission of Complaints about Problems in the Delivery of Communal Services
30 june 2014, 10:21 1024 views
Is low water pressure, low temperature of hot water, power or gas outage without warning, problems with sewage and untimely removal of waste hindering the development of your business? From now on, you can submit complaints about such problems in the delivery of housing and communal services via the Single interactive state services portal.
Game about Flying Hoe became the Top Downloaded App in Uzbekistan
26 june 2014, 17:35 1797 views
Developer from Uzbekistan has created his own version of Flyppy Bird, which is differentiated with the national style.
Programmers from Uzbekistan took 37th Place in the World Championship of Sports Programming
26 june 2014, 15:02 1319 views
Team of programmers of Moscow State University in Tashkent at the overall team standings took 37th place.
Global Failure of Facebook
19 june 2014, 14:27 1115 views, Facebook mobile app and Facebook Messenger were not working in at least five countries.
Representatives of Korea wants to Revive the Silk Road in ICT Technologies. Report on a Large-scale Conference
17 june 2014, 15:32 1055 views
On June 16, 2014 was held a conference on the Uzbek-Korean cooperation in the field of IT technologies.
Scientists of Uzbekistan Developed a New Model of Ocular Surgical Tweezers
17 june 2014, 12:31 1156 views
Uzbek developers have created a useful model of ocular surgical tweezers.
Uzbek Specialists have Developed an Apparatus for Lengthening Bones and Phalanges
13 june 2014, 13:03 1019 views
Experts from the Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics Department of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan developed a useful model - an apparatus for lengthening bones and phalanges.
Device that Predicts Earthquakes Invented in Uzbekistan
13 june 2014, 12:15 1454 views
Uzbekistan inventors have developed a device for the measurement of radon activity concentration in the air.
Physics of NUUz Developed Ultra-Precise Device for Detecting Surface Defects
05 june 2014, 11:40 1886 views
Remote defectoscope was developed by the Research Institute of Applied Physics at National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek.
Innovation Day in Uzbekistan
04 june 2014, 14:58 1212 views
In Tashkent took place a business forum "Innovation Day in Uzbekistan", organized by one of the market leaders in enterprise applications by SAP and the largest technology company in the world - HP.
Apple uses Gold from Uzbekistan
02 june 2014, 14:52 2984 views
Apple Inc. has bought gold from Uzbekistan. The company plans to use it for mobile phones and computers.
Filing Complaints on Violation of Consumer Rights on the Single Portal
02 june 2014, 11:00 1093 views
A new service "Acceptance of applications on violation of consumer rights" is introduced on the single portal.
ICT for Sectors of the Real Economy
30 may 2014, 10:04 1210 views
State committee of communication, information and telecommunication technologies meeting was held to ensure the timely and full implementation of activities and projects for the introduction of information and communication technologies and products in the domain of the real economy in 2014-2015.
Samsung Galaxy S2 became the Most Popular Cell Phone in Tashkent
28 may 2014, 14:26 2949 views
According to expert estimates, the South Korean company firmly holds the first position in the smartphone market in Uzbekistan.
Number of Facebook users in Uzbekistan Reached 300,000
20 may 2014, 17:09 2855 views
On May 13 media resource published statistics of Facebook, according to which, the social network in Uzbekistan reached 300,000 users.
Uzbek Developers Invented a New Device for Training Welders
19 may 2014, 14:40 1271 views
A new device used as a learning tool.
Transition to International Standard Numbers Starts in Uzbekistan
14 may 2014, 11:32 1012 views
On May 13, 2014 the Communications History Museum hosted a press conference dedicated to the work progress on improving the numbering plan of telecommunication networks of Uzbekistan in accordance with the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union and the requirements of the guidance document "System and numbering plan of the telecommunication networks of Uzbekistan".
A New Method for the Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis has been Patented in Uzbekistan
13 may 2014, 14:53 1213 views
Developers Republican Specialized Center of Surgery named after Academician V.Vahidova invented a method for predicting the severity of the postoperative period in patients with liver cirrhosis.