Scientists from Uzbekistan have created a diet drink with medicinal properties
07 january 2015, 12:42 1714 views
Specialists of the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan have invented a method for preparing fermented dairy diet drink with medicinal properties.
Scientists of Uzbekistan have made paper with antimicrobial properties
06 january 2015, 10:35 1802 views
Uzbek specialists invented composition for the manufacture of paper, which provides anti-microbial properties of the product.
Large companies in Uzbekistan waiting for computerization
04 january 2015, 16:37 1024 views
The introduction of modern information systems in large joint-stock companies of Uzbekistan will continue in the new year.
Uzbek inventors have patented the saw gin
26 december 2014, 09:28 1251 views
The authors of the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan invented the saw gin.
90% of the population of Uzbekistan will be provided with digital TV in 2015
25 december 2014, 16:44 1194 views
90% of the population of Uzbekistan, as well as all major towns of the country should have access to digital TV broadcasting next year.
Wi-Fi will appear in the public areas of Uzbekistan
25 december 2014, 14:45 1242 views
Uzbekistan with the participation of the State Development Bank of China will implement investment projects for the development and modernization of telecommunication network of the country.
Uzbek developers have announced a new free mobile app
22 december 2014, 09:30 1089 views
Global Solutins specialists announced about a new free mobile application UzMedApp.
Young scientists of Uzbekistan took part in the conference at "Skolkovo"
19 december 2014, 14:44 1451 views
Hypercube held meeting of young scientists and experts to discuss the self-realization in the field of applied science and technology.
Mechanics of Uzbekistan entered the top three at the international competition in Japan
19 december 2014, 10:26 1165 views
Three experts from the Samarkand automobile plant took pride 3rd place in the International Competition Technical I-1 Grand-Prix Isuzu in Japan.
Google named best Android-Apps 2014
15 december 2014, 09:07 1800 views
Corporation released a list of Android-applications, which became the most popular in the online store Google Play in 2014.
Russia and Uzbekistan jointly explore mysterious dark matter
11 december 2014, 14:50 1907 views
In Uzbekistan it is planned a construction of a radio astronomy observatory.
Windows users will pay for system on a regular basis
11 december 2014, 09:32 1175 views
In early 2015 Microsoft tells how users will pay for the new Windows 10.
Opel presents the machine which will replace Daewoo Matiz
05 december 2014, 09:14 3441 views
German Auto Bild released information about the appearance and characteristics of the new Opel hatchback - Model Karl, named in honor of Karl Opel, son of the founder of the brand.
German police tried a prgramm that predicts crimes
04 december 2014, 12:34 1040 views
The Bavarian police tested software the ability to predict crime based on available statistics.
MTS continues to gain turnover
21 november 2014, 17:46 2220 views
Mobile operator UMS continues recruitment for senior positions, including to the regions of the country.
Microsoft starts trainings for specialists in Uzbekistan
21 november 2014, 11:39 1356 views
For the first time in Uzbekistan Microsoft  will begin conducting trainings "School of aerobatics». This was stated by the coach of the company Nadejda Altynova on Microsoft Innovation Day (Microsoft Innovation Day) held in Tashkent.
Samsung adjust release of flexible displays in 2015
21 november 2014, 10:26 1309 views
Samsung Display starts producing flexible displays for smartphones, which can be folded in half next year.  
Huawei will provide "Uzbektelecom" equipment for GSM-network
11 november 2014, 15:28 1334 views
Chinese Huawei Technologies to supply JSC "Uzbektelecom" with equipment which worthes 117.6 million dollars to create GSM-network.
Usage of 3D printing in dentistry began in Tashkent
06 november 2014, 16:38 1320 views
Advanced technologies which representatives of the Tashkent state dental institute apply are now able to correct congenital and acquired defects.  
The network of the fourth generation 4G appears in the major cities of Uzbekistan by 2015
06 november 2014, 15:53 1139 views
Company Super iMAX branded EVO announced the deployment of 4G LTE TDD.