Windows users will pay for system on a regular basis
11 december 2014, 09:32 1308 views


With the release of the new Windows 2015, Microsoft plans to rethink its business model: learn how to make a profit nit by one-time sale of Windows (with a PC or separately), but by connecting the user to the paid services, Operating Officer Kevin Turner (Kevin Turner) gave a hint at a conference Credit Suisse in Arizona.

Recently, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, the second-largest PC manufacturer, has released HP Stream 11 - laptop valued at $ 200 with the operating system Windows 8. Microsoft hopes that this is only the first product in this price range, and soon it will be fast complement by the models from other manufacturers, according to

Commenting on the launch Stream 11, as well as Windows-based tablet valued at $ 100, Turner said: "These products allow us to monetize the process of operation during the entire life cycle through the user services and a variety of supplements that we can set in such decisions."