Scientists of Uzbekistan proposed a new way of drying while retaining all the vitamins
03 october 2014, 15:20 1370 views


As an example is the story of the introduction into the life of the consumer artichoke - Jerusalem artichoke. Technological developments have shown that dried concentrate of artichoke contains a considerable quantity of carbohydrates, vitamins and micro-and macro, which allows its use in medical, cosmetic, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Scientists from the Tashkent State Technical University named after Abu Rayhan Biruni invented a method for drying the tubers. This invention is important for drying high moisture material of food industry.

The new method involves the preparation of raw materials by cutting and shaping it on the net pallet layer and irradiating infrared rays to the desired humidity. The use of this method improves the quality of the final product and the total drying time is shortened.

Currently in food industry during the dispersion process and drying the feedstock, prepared material is involved in the further stages of the process or used as a finished product.