Scientists of Uzbekistan have made paper with antimicrobial properties
06 january 2015, 10:35 1808 views


The new structure also effects on the improvement in the strength of the paper and expand the raw material base. All these qualities of the invention allow using it effectively in the pulp and paper industry and the manufacture of paper, NIA "Turkistan press" says.

The substance consists of a fibrous component comprising pulp of cotton, sizing component - carboxymethyl filler - kaolin or chalk, bactericides and water. In this case, the fibrous component further comprises a cellulose-based waste liquorice.

The patent for the invention obtained a group of authors that includes Doniyor Nabiyev, Iroda Nabiyeva, Halima Babakhanova, Feruza Shohidova and Zulfiya Galimova.