Future Development of Renewable Energy Sources in Uzbekistan: 9 Facts
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However, in order to maintain this position and to provide the economy with resources for years ahead, it is necessary to work actively with renewable energy sources (RES), says the newspaper "Pravda Vostoka (Truth of the East)". We have prepared a selection of facts about the prospects for the development of renewable energy sources:

1.      Uzbekistan has reserves of raw materials for the preparation of crystalline silicon, which is used in the production of photovoltaic modules - components of photovoltaic systems (PVS), which are considered the most efficient in converting sunlight and heat into electricity.

2.      This could be the basement for organizing local production of PVS with a high degree of localization, which was pointed out in the decree of the head of the state, which was dedicated to alternative energy.

3.      In FIEZ "Navoi" creating a joint venture for the production of photovoltaic panels with capacity of 100 MW is planned.

4.      The construction of solar PVS with capacity of 100 MW in the Samarkand region is also planned for the coming years. This project is one of the most important for the successful development of renewable energy.

5.      Meanwhile, inhabitants of many remote communities have already been provided by solar panels and the PVS, water heaters and water distillers in the republic.

6.      In this direction the projects SJSC "Uzbekenergo", Research and innovation center "Ekoenergia" under the State Committee of The Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection, the Environmental Movement and other civil society organizations are continuing to operate.

7.      Under the state program "Year of the well-being and prosperity" providing medical institutions with alternative sources of energy and building biogas plants on farms in a number of regions are planned.

8.      The development of resource-saving technologies, including renewable energy, is run in a separate line in the Programme of Actions for the Protection of the Environment of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the years 2008-2012.

9.      For the next four years, the introduction of renewable energy in ginning factories, medical and educational institutions, as well as in the objects of the Association "Uzpakhtasanoat" is planned.