An electronic diary was created in Uzbekistan
01 may 2015, 09:25 1418 views


The electronic diary is a regular diary, which can now be looked through directly via the mobile phone, Internet and SMS. The features include: publication schedules for each class; performance statistics and comparative tables and graphs for students; the publication of information about the school; filling in the diary of the student (including evaluation and homework); SMS and e-mail alert parents; daily statistics and attendance records of lessons of each pupil.

All participants in the project should have only access to the Internet or the presence of a mobile phone for receiving daily reports. At the moment the service "electronic diary" is dividing users into four profiles: student, parent, teacher, school administrator. All profiles are unique. They are protected by passwords issued personally by programmers. Each user can access only the data that relate to him personally. To see the data of another user is impossible. For example, a parent can only see the evaluation of your child and the teacher can control only their classes.

As reported, the authors of this program issued a certificate № DGU 03043.