Uzbek boxers wins at the international tournament
23 february 2015, 13:12 1493 views


According to the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan, the competition was attended by over 100 boxers from eight countries - Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Abkhazia. There have been played 13 sets of medals.

The silver medal in the tournament obtained by Uzbek boxer Abbos Mirzaabdullaev (80 kg.). The bronze award got Asadbek Avazov (48 kg.), Saidzhamshid Zhafar (52 kg.), Bilol Mirzarahimov (54 kg.), Dilshodbek Ruzimetov (66 kg.), Kosimhon Qosimov (75kg.) And Abdulaziz Muhammadaminov (80 kg.), IA "Jahon" reports.