Umpires of Uzbekistan will pass practical exam in Turkey
04 february 2015, 14:02 1154 views


From 3 to 11 February 10 chief justices and 17 assistants went to the camp in Turkey. The delegation was headed by the head of the Department of refereeing and inspection of FFU Nail Lutfulin.

Arbitrators of league championship of Uzbekistan who have passed tests for physical fitness and game theory on perfectly, will hold training camp, which will be held during the practical exam in the form of friendly tournaments and test matches, says the Football Federation of Uzbekistan.

In connection with the appointment of the match of the AFC Cup team of arbitrators, headed by FIFA referee Ilgiz Tantashev (linesmen: Andrew Tsapenko and Ruslan Serazetdinov) will not participate in the Turkish assembly. Another FIFA referee - Valentin Kovalenko, will join the larger group a little later, says the official website of FFU.