One of the most famous football coaches of Uzbekistan dies aged 94
07 april 2015, 11:04 1290 views


Sergei Arutyunov was known for his significant contribution to the development of Uzbek football. He created a unique museum of the history of football in Uzbekistan with unique collection, including rare photos, badges, pennants, medals, trophies, footballs autographed by players – the gifts of foreign clubs.

From 15 years he started playing in the youth team of Tashkent Palace of Pioneers, and since 1940 stands at Tashkent striker "Dynamo", which was the champion and the Cup of Uzbekistan. Gradually he began to engage in refereeing, and then became a coach of youth teams. In 1962, Sergei Arutyunov one of the first was awarded with the title "Honored Coach of Uzbekistan."

In 1998, Sergei Artemovich was invited to France, where, during the World Cup, he was awarded with a gold medal by FIFA. He was also awarded with the title "Honorary Youth Mentor of the Republic of Uzbekistan".