Judo Grand Prix: 12 Strong Sportsmen Will Represent Uzbekistan
19 november 2013, 14:27 1334 views

alt According to the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan, at the moment 265 sportsmen from 40 countries are entered. Uzbekistan will be represented by the top 12 wrestlers of the country - by two sportsmen in almost each of the weight categories. Among them: Sharofiddin Lutfillaev and Bahram Inoyatov (- 60 kg), Mirzakhid Farmonov and Ulugbek Norkobilov ( - 66 kg), Mirali Sharipov (- 73 kg), Yahyo Imamov and Shuhratjon Arslanov (-81 kg), and Sherali Djuraev and Erkin Doniyorov (-90 kg), Soib Kurbanov and Ramziddin Saidov (-100 kg) and Boltaboy Baltaev ( + 100 kg).