In Bukhara region pensioners gave into the hands of fraudsters 13 million soums
19 december 2014, 12:34 1000 views
2 postmen from Vobkentsk district of Bukhara region appropriated money of 118-year-pensioners totaling 13 million soums.
A resident of Ferghana taught physical education for children with a fake diploma
19 december 2014, 10:34 1233 views
O. Turdiev (name changed) bought a fake diploma and got a job as a teacher in one of the schools of Fergana region.
On pre-New Year fair products will be sold with 30% discount
18 december 2014, 16:40 1173 views
Works before the New Year holiday fair of food and agricultural products have begun across the country.
Uzbek athletes were awarded with a prize - "Spark" car
18 december 2014, 14:23 1757 views
Athletics Federation held an awarding ceremony of the best sportsmen of Uzbekistan with valuable prizes.
Uzbekistan strives to become a leading regional exporter of poultry
18 december 2014, 12:21 858 views
Association "Parrandasanoat" and the Anglo-Australian investment bank firm Abacus Emerging Markets in London have signed a memorandum of understanding.
MPE explains why children inspected in schools
17 december 2014, 16:31 957 views
TashMDPE at MPE gave an explanation of the reasons why school children carrying out inspections, including unannounced, during which personal belongings of students are inspected.
"Uzbekenergo" plans to upgrade 19 hydroelectric power plants the next 5 years
16 december 2014, 10:44 1543 views
"Uzbekenergo" plans to modernize and improve 19 existing hydroelectric power plants until 2020.
Prices for production strong alcohol increased
16 december 2014, 09:41 1225 views
From 1 January increased minimum prices for alcohol products in Uzbekistan.
Uzbek citizens supported the abolition of the death penalty
11 december 2014, 13:40 940 views
The center "Ijtimoiy Fikr" published an opinion poll of citizens assessing the progress of reforms in the political, legal system and government of Uzbekistan.
Russian railways canceled trains in some countries in Central Asia
09 december 2014, 18:43 963 views
A subsidiary of Russian Railways "Federal Passenger Company" (FPC) in connection with the fall in passenger traffic since December 14 cancels trains to Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.
"Toshshahartranshizmat" acknowledged violations by bus drivers
09 december 2014, 15:37 1098 views
JSC "Toshshahartranshizmat" confirmed that individual drivers or conductors on a bus route number 72 violated liner discipline.
Talented youth from Uzbekistan awarded with the badge "Uzbekistan belgisi"
05 december 2014, 17:42 1630 views
The ceremony of awarding badges "Uzbekistan belgisi" to group of young men and women, making a worthy contribution to the development of the motherland, was held at the Palace of "Turkistan".
Dating website for people from Uzbekistan was created in the US
05 december 2014, 16:39 1263 views
A social network for dating of Uzbek people who went abroad was created in America.
Young scientists of Uzbekistan receiveв the TWAS awards
05 december 2014, 12:35 2483 views
Young scientists of Uzbekistan won the TWAS competition (Academy of Sciences for the Developing Countries).
Spouses of Saudi political figures got acquainted with the traditions of Uzbekistan
05 december 2014, 11:33 2009 views
Women activists of the Uzbek diaspora in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia organized a cultural event dedicated to the traditions of the peoples of Central Asia.
Uzbekistan is at the top three among the most popular countries among tourists for New Year
04 december 2014, 09:28 1107 views
Experts identify three main areas - Georgia, Armenia and Uzbekistan, which have the same chances to get Russian tourists this winter.
New hotels and tourist complexes build in Khiva
03 december 2014, 15:08 1179 views
Large-scale construction, repair and improvement works are in progress in Khiva.
All street lamps will be replaced to energy saving
03 december 2014, 14:33 1277 views
Asian and Islamic Development Bank will invest millions of dollars in improving the street lighting system in Uzbekistan.
The temperature will drop to minus 11 in some regions
02 december 2014, 14:32 1931 views
In the coming days in Uzbekistan strong cooling and precipitation in the form of snow and rain are expected.
Uzbekistan to provide jobs to returning labour migrants
02 december 2014, 12:35 1187 views
Uzbekistan will realize measures on ensuring employment of labour migrants returning from foreign states, first of all from Russia, in 2015.