The next few days of January will be unusually hot
05 january 2015, 17:25 1567 views
According to weather forecasts, on 5-7 January the temperature in Uzbekistan will rise to 15 degrees.
Policemen detained car thieves
05 january 2015, 15:21 2406 views
Car Chevrolet «Lacetti» was hijacked in Asaka district of Andijan region.
Uzbek citizens continue to enter Russia on biometric passports
05 january 2015, 13:11 2440 views
Changes in the order of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation concerning some CIS countries do not affect the citizens of Uzbekistan.
Art museum will be reconstructed
04 january 2015, 15:40 1076 views
State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan  waiting for large-scale reconstruction and retooling оn the eve of its century.
Driver of «Chevrolet Lacetti» died in an accident in Tashkent
04 january 2015, 09:49 1752 views
It was reported to the group "Drivers of Tashkent" that on the street Rustaveli in Yakkasaray district of Tashkent an accident resulting in death happened.
Solar photovoltaic power was launched in Namangan
31 december 2014, 13:41 1258 views
In testing mode was launched solar photovoltaic power plant with 130 kW in Pap district of Namangan region.
Production of the second-generation car DAEWOO Labo will increase
31 december 2014, 11:36 3362 views
GM Uzbekistan intends to increase the annual production of this model up to 5 thousand cars.
Price for petrol rising from the new year
31 december 2014, 09:29 2159 views
From 1 January 2015 the price of petrol in Uzbekistan with the sale through gas stations will increase.
Ukrainian doctors operated children from Uzbekistan
26 december 2014, 10:33 1082 views
Five children from Uzbekistan with congenital heart disease were operated in Ukraine on a pro bono basis.
Two guys raped and robbed two girls after the date
25 december 2014, 15:40 1180 views
26-year-old resident of Karshi, having become acquainted with the girl by the phone, after some time, invited her with her friend on a date in one of the cafes.
Volunteer from Japan will treat citizens of Uzbekistan with mobility impairments
25 december 2014, 12:41 938 views
A physical therapist, a volunteer of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Kashiwagi Minori started receiving patients at the National Centre for Rehabilitation and Prosthetics disabled (NCRP).
The National Library of Uzbekistan opens a new reading room
25 december 2014, 11:45 1766 views
The opening ceremony of the reading room "Window to Korea" was hosted at the fourth floor of the National Library of Uzbekistan
Stas Mikhailov and Philip Kirkorov spent the night at the airport in Tashkent
25 december 2014, 09:42 2430 views
Russian artists - Philip Kirkorov and Stas Mikhailov - after a perfomance in Tashkent were unable to fly to Moscow because of the bad weather conditions.
Uzbekistan and the United States signed an agreement to work on joint research projects
23 december 2014, 13:39 937 views
The representatives of the Independent Institute for monitoring the formation of civil society held a meeting with the Director of "Global scientific publications," Professor of the New York State University Parviz Morvidzh in Tashkent.
Flights delayed at Tashkent airport due to heavy fog
23 december 2014, 11:37 2213 views
An airplane of National Airline "Uzbekistan Airways" was forced to stay because of the thick fog.
Westminster plans to repair hostel of Republican Medical College
22 december 2014, 16:38 2682 views
Westminster International University in Tashkent passed for overhaul dormitory buildings and structures of the 2nd National Medical College.
Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation opens in Tashkent
22 december 2014, 15:36 1425 views
On December 22, Deputy Secretary General of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness IFBB Rauf Bunyataliyev arrives in Tashkent.
Oldest auction house Christie's robbed at $ 1.5 million
22 december 2014, 13:39 2790 views
Some jewelry including Faberge items was stolen.
Unusual accident in Tashkent: Lacetti «dove" under Nexia
19 december 2014, 16:46 2117 views
Today, on December 19, in the afternoon on the street Ziyolilar there was an unusual accident involving cars Nexia and Lacetti.
Uzbekistan forecasters promised cold weather on weekends
19 december 2014, 13:33 1485 views
As weather forecasts states, in the coming days it is expected the temperature to reduce to zero in all regions of Uzbekistan. In the morning it is expected weak precipitation in the form of snow and rain.