The largest exhibition of the furniture industry will be held in February
22 january 2015, 13:49 1237 views
From 24 to 27 February, Tashkent is to host 12th Uzbek International Exhibition «MebelExpo Uzbekistan 2015".
Pensioners in Tashkent can not get their pensions
22 january 2015, 11:05 1175 views
The group "Public control" received several complaints on the regular delay of retirement for older people.
Bukhara students won medals at the International Olympiad
20 january 2015, 13:27 998 views
Kazakhstan hosted an international subject Olympiad in physics, mathematics and computer science.
Long-liver from Karakalpakstan can get into the Guinness Book of Records
20 january 2015, 11:01 2883 views
The resident of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Tuti Yusupova in July this year will celebrate 135 years.
Uzbekistan entered the top hottest tourist destinations in 2015
20 january 2015, 09:22 1747 views
The Huffington Post published 20 countries with the most promising tourist destinations in 2015.
US auction house exposes for sale ancient Uzbek suzane
16 january 2015, 12:18 1405 views
American Freeman's auction house offers Uzbek suzane, made in the XIX century.
Fake psychics from Uzbekistan lured money from TV viewers in Russia
15 january 2015, 12:37 1064 views
In Moscow, a group of speculators detained who performed at one of the commercial channels. Under the guise of psychics, they lured from citizens large sums of money.
A photo of new subway trains was posted in the network
15 january 2015, 11:18 2564 views
A photograph of Tashkent metro wagons with a new design was posted in the group of "Public control".
Lion Simba came to the Tashkent Zoo
14 january 2015, 15:46 1143 views
The main zoo capital added a new pet - lion cub Simba. A lion cub arrived in Tashkent from Fergana traveling circus.
Uzbek surgeons will conduct free surgery for children with hearing impairment
14 january 2015, 11:56 1547 views
Children with hearing impairments will hold free operation of cochlear implantation in medical institutions in Uzbekistan.
Disabled foreigners in Uzbekistan allowed receiving benefits
14 january 2015, 10:43 1341 views
Cabinet of Ministers amended the procedure for the appointment and payment of benefits to disabled from childhood and HIV-infected people who have not attained the age of eighteen.
Urgench introduces new flights to Europe
14 january 2015, 09:34 1503 views
In 2015, National Airline Company "Uzbekistan Airways" plans to open new routes from Europe to Urgench.
Uzbek servicemen were awarded with new apartments
13 january 2015, 11:38 898 views
In Fergana region, new houses have been commissioned for a group of servicemen of the frontier troops of national security service of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
«Wyndham Hotel Group» bought the hotel «Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent»
12 january 2015, 09:31 2235 views
Company «Wyndham Hotel Group» opened a second hotel in the capital of Uzbekistan. It became the former hotel «Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent».
New York Times joined the names of the two countries and invented new one – Kyrzbekistan
09 january 2015, 15:56 1026 views
The well-known American newspaper The New York Times confused with the names of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, and mentioned in its pages a new non-existent country - Kyrzbekistan.
Forecasters promised snow at the weekend
09 january 2015, 13:45 1880 views
According to Uzhydromet in the coming days we will have the cold weather after spring warm January days.
More multi-stores car parks decided to build in Tashkent
09 january 2015, 12:45 2018 views
Several multi-stores or underground car parks planned to build in densely populated areas of the capital.
Nukus has 15 new buses
09 january 2015, 11:46 1093 views
15 new buses «Isuzu» were bought by "Karakalpaktrans" for passengers transportation to Nukus and Beruniy District of Karakalpakstan.
Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement to hold a season of "Umrah 2015"
07 january 2015, 11:39 2220 views
The Delegation of the International Company "Al-Hidaya" from Saudi Arabia held a meeting with the leadership of the Committee on Religious Affairs and the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan.
Uzbek railway company introduced a discount on return flights
06 january 2015, 11:40 1970 views
"Uzbekistan Railways" introduced discounts on train tickets.